5 Best Places to Study Outside ON CAMPUS

By Rachel Rinehart

The leaves are changing in Oxford and I am getting tired of sitting at my desk all day, so this week I went somewhere different to study each day in an attempt to find the best place to study outside on campus. Forewarning, I live on North Quad, so my ventures only took me so far. Here are the places I went:

Quad next to Martin Dining Hall

I have seen the white tents up around campus, but the quad right next to Martin Dining Hall has seating under the tents, and Monday I went there to do some homework. It is the perfect place to do work on your computer, because the tent prevents a glare and the seats are comfortable enough to sit for long periods of time.

Dogwood Grove

Right behind Garden Dining Hall is the Dogwood Grove and there are tables right by the pond to do homework. There is a fountain going so you can hear the running water and the view is beautiful right now because the leaves are changing. There was not anyone there when I went so I did not get distracted.

Farmer School of Business

As a Journalism major, I think I would be too fearful to go study at Farmer by myself, but Wednesday I went with a couple of my friends, some of whom are in Farmer. The outdoor seating is actually so nice and I had zero problems with my internet. I do not know if it’s because I was doing small tasks or if it was the Farmer energy, but I got a lot of work done outside of the Farmer School of Business.

Armstrong Student Center

I have studied here a lot and I really enjoy the shaded area off to the side of the entrance to Armstrong. I get a lot done because I am surrounded by productive people and feel that I have to keep up with them. I do have problems with my internet there sometimes, probably because so many people are on it in one area. However, if I have to hunker down for some textbook reading, I come here.

Your Own Quad

On Friday I did not have a lot to do and I had every intention of procrastinating my homework, so I did not want to walk very far. I utilized the green space out in front of my hall. It was nice to be outside, especially on a warm Friday afternoon, and I was able to go back to my room right after I finished everything. No need to strap on the hiking shoes for this location!



Oxford, OH

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