A Family Wedding Fit for Fall

By Carolyne Croy

It is such a happiness when good people get together – and they always do. –Jane Austen

I was halfway through the fall semester of my sophomore year, I had just taken three midterms, ran for positions in extracurriculars and had meetings with advisors to map out my schedule for the spring semester. I was stressed, burnt-out and in dire need of a break. Thankfully, my cousin had planned an October wedding, and when fall break rolled around, I excitedly packed my bags and headed out of Oxford for a weekend celebration with my extended family.

According to WeddingWire, October is the most common month for weddings. They attribute the popularity of the month to the crisp air, cozy vibe and the changing leaves that provide a great backdrop for wedding photos -- and after attending my cousin’s wedding, I can’t think of a better time for a wedding myself.

My family took advantage of us all being together under the same roof (the roof of the same hotel at least) and we took numerous family photos while we were all dressed our best.

I was looking forward to seeing my extended family because we are spread out across the country, which means we don’t see each other very often. I am from a small town near Toledo, Ohio, but my family members flew in from Massachusetts, Florida and Arizona to celebrate my cousin’s big day.

The weather was perfect, especially for the outdoor venue. The flower arrangements were beautiful and unique -- the autumn weather permitting darker flowers to be used in contrast with pastel roses in the numerous bouquets that decorated the reception area. One exceptional touch of the reception decor was the unique form of name card my cousin chose to use. Instead of a simple card displaying the guest’s name on their seat for dinner, she printed out old photos of her or her new husband with each guest from past events and placed them at their seat at each table. This was such a nice touch, as it complemented the rustic venue and reminded guests of fond times they'd spent with the bride and groom.

When you go to college far from home, you appreciate every moment you spend with your family, and the moments I shared with my family members who I only get to see on special occasions like these were so rewarding.

Here's to family memories, a beautiful wedding and a happy marriage.

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