An Identity Crisis?

Updated: Oct 27, 2019

By Lizzie Carter

I have dyed my hair pink, purple, and blue off and on for the past five months. This might seem like I’m out of my mind, as I have never previously dyed my hair. Ever. But, this life-changing temporary dye has taught me more about myself, my choices, and who I want to be than a single 200 level psychology class ever has.

Pink for Berlin

I first went for a pink, full head, for my weekend trip to Berlin, Germany. A spontaneous trip for a crazy city, I just decided to go for it. The hair turned out a soft pink, pairing well with my skin tone and my absolute “no cares” attitude. Washing it out, I felt an instant wave of fun and liberation. Every wave of anxiety, gone. I just had pink hair and only cared about my friends and having a great time. Many things went wrong, I took a twelve-hour overnight train, multiple things did not go to plan, and I simply did not care. In my mind, everything was okay because I had already made one crazy choice, so if everything else went wrong, who cared!

Next stop in my hair journey: pink, again. A month ago I just decided to do it for fun. No reason, no spontaneous trip to Deutschland. Again, I felt this overwhelming sense of love for myself and for life. No anxiety. None of it. This was, I believe, the begin of the spiral into the hair dye. Purple, blue, next stop: green.

Billie Eilish or Billie Eilish

I wholeheartedly believe that this occasional mild change has helped my mental health more than I have ever helped myself. The spontaneity just wipes away my worries. It’s a choice that I make that I know is not in my comfort zone, and I know I will love the end result. So while this may have completely sounded like a promo post for the L’Oreal Semi-Permanent Hair Dye, I just had to share how this product makes me feel and what dying my hair occasionally has done for me.

I’ve already gotten three of my friends on this train (@ Georgia, Haley, Caroline) and I know for a fact that they will completely agree with every statement recorded above. I support any girl who rocks what she has, so why not test out some colored hair?

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