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Being a Vegan in a Small Town

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

By: Hannah Star 


I was left temporarily heartbroken making the transition from vegetarian to vegan almost two years ago. Passing those $1 slices of pizza outside of Brick on a Friday night was unbearable, to say the least. Having to give up things like Insomnia cookies and lavish mac bites was beyond terrifying.

However, it didn’t take me long to learn I could definitely survive, if not thrive, as a vegan in the Oxford food scene. I thought I’d share some of my favorite things to get when I eat out in Oxford, both as recommendations and as proof, I eat things other than kale. Below I have my orders and personal favorites for some of Oxfords best restaurants.

Sushi Nara: Avocado Cucumber Roll, and Sweet Potato Roll- one of my weeknight go-tos if I want something fast and healthy.

Quarter Barrel: Edamame (my favorite) and the Falafel Entree are a perfect dinner.

Bagel & Deli: Aunt Beanie’s bagel- Hummus, spinach, tomato & avocado on pumpernickel OR the Banana Surprise with peanut butter instead of cream cheese if I’m feeling something sweet. 

Kona Bistro: They have quite a few vegan options, but I like the adobo salad with no cheese and tofu instead of chicken. They also have vegetarian chili (no sour cream) and seared diablo tofu that are amazing.

Kofenya: I love coming here for a cold brew with almond milk, accompanied by a Chubby Bunny (excellent local vegan bakery) treat or some oatmeal.

Krishna: Indian is always a good option for vegans. They have plenty of options here, but my favorite is their Chana Masala.

Chipotle: Burrito bowl with brown rice, black beans, veggies, sofritas (tofu), mild and medium salsa, corn, and guac. I also always get a bag of kids chips for some crunch.

SoHi: I’m a big fan of their roasted veggie sandwich minus the cheese. Of course, you can’t come here without getting an order of french fries, so I get those too and ask for no parmesan on top.

Bodega: They have tons of veggie options, but I always go for the Hummus and Stuff sandwich or make my own with their numerous vegetable options.

Spring Street Treats: I save the best for last. I recently discovered their chocolate dipped frozen banana which I choose to top with Oreos and peanuts. ABSOLUTELY INSANE. Their shaved ice is also exceptional and 100% vegan.

Even though there is no pizza on my list, it is always an option to order pizza without cheese and sub vegetables. However, double check with the restaurant on their crust ingredients which can sometimes contain eggs or milk.

Also when in doubt, order french fries. There you have it, some fab vegan options in little ole’ Oxford! Even if you aren’t vegan, I encourage you to try some of these out.

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