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Class from the Past: 9 Hairstyles Rebranding & Returning

By Annika M. Baldwin

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Everyone knows there’s nothing like a fresh cut when faced with a hard semester. Like fashion, hair often recycles styles from previous eras, modernizing them with a twist that’s hard to resist. The following nine haircuts have time traveled and are screaming to be your new style.

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Perms were popular in the 80s, and they’ve slowly reemerged. It is common for young men to have shaved sides with the curly perm on top. Perms bring out a peppy and fun version of you, perfectly bubbly for the coming of spring.

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Mullets were also greatly popular in the 80s. Audiences tend to have a love-hate relationship with them, but they have been spun into a surprisingly cute look. They are often paired as…

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Perm Mullets

…perm mullets. One of the surest things that have reshaped the mullet hairstyle is the addition of a perm. The perm allows the hair to drape along shaved sides of the head. The framing is elegant and edgy at the same time.

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Shag Haircuts

Next up are shag haircuts. These began in the 70s, but that doesn’t stop them from being hip and classy today. This style tends to involve a cut that makes the hair look teased, allowing layers to shaggily drape along the neck.

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Curtain Bangs

Curtain Bangs originated in the 80s, but the popularity of bangs in the 2020s has brought back the curtain look. Sweeping on both sides over to the ear, the bangs are loose and light. They are trimmed in a way that casually expresses elegance.

Courtesy of Love Hairstyles | Tutorials & Ideas: Updo, Braid, Bob, Fishtail, Bun,

Half-Up Half-Down

Another 80s favorite, the half-up half-down has been in style for a while, but artists like Ariana Grande continue to keep it in season. Another classy spring look, the half-up half-down is sure to keep you looking laidback but fashionable as ever.

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Choppy Blends

Choppy blends (or choppy layers) are the gorgeous (often crimped) layers that lay over one another in a beautifully blended way. Perfect for those with thick hair, these layers will be sure to turn heads and layer style for every occasion.

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Pixie Cut

Returning from the 90s, the pixie cut takes feminism to another level, redefining womanhood. Thirty years later, the cut is little different in its bold expression. It can be styled a variety of ways from sleek to elegant to edgy. However you choose to rock the pixie cut, your audience is sure to adore you for it.

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Slicked-Back Ponytail

The Ariana classic, originally hailing from the 2000s, the slicked-back pony is sleek and rigid. It is a casual and easy pair with any outfit for any event- whether it be class or a night out.

However, you choose to style and express yourself this coming spring, stay bold and uncompromising in who you are. You are the queen of style, and one of these flashback hairstyles is sure to turn the heads of your peers. Check into a hairstylist and try one out!

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