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Cooking for One in College

By Campbell Masys

Making dinner for one person or even finding the motivation to cook can be very difficult. At the end of a long day of classes, clubs and studying, all I have the energy for is swiping through DoorDash. 

This is also the first time many students are cooking for themselves, so we are all going back to the basics. While cooking for yourself is an extra step, it is a great skill to learn; it saves money and is healthier for you. 

One issue that many face are proportion sizes. While there are recipes that yield servings for one to two, many meals call for bigger groups. This does not mean these recipes need to be avoided or cut in half. What you can do is make the larger recipe and freeze the rest for another meal. That way you have meals for later without the prep time. 

Along with that, save your future self time by doing the prep now. Whenever you are making grains – rice, quinoa, pastas, farro or couscous – make a larger serving and pop the rest in the freezer for later. The same is true for vegetables. While you are at it, chop up the whole vegetable, take what you need and freeze the rest for later so they are already for you. 

Another hack to take advantage of are the prepackaged salad kits at the grocery store. They are the perfect size for one and you can easily add some protein to create a filling meal. 

There are also plenty of recipes that are made for just one or two people. Now is the time to find what you like to eat, what you like to make, and really experiment in the kitchen.  

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