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Current and Cozy: Six Sweater Styles for 2021

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

By Annika M. Baldwin

Katsia Jazwinska /

Sweaters can be functional, fabulous, or intimate; there’s no reason they can’t also be fashionable. The sweater season is just beginning! And it continues until spring, so it’s never too soon to start looking at the releases of sweater fashion.

Keep in mind, there are various places you can find the following styles (like thrift stores!). Some other suggestions are Shein or Hollister. Shein offers surprisingly good quality for exceptional prices, and it not only offers free returns but doesn’t require you to go through the process of sending back the item. Hollister, while a bit more expensive, offers amazing quality sweaters made with the softest material.

Without further ado, here are both the trendiest sweaters for this year and the sweaters that should be brought back.

1. Sweater Vests

While a possibly unexpected trend, paired with hoop bracelets and a simple necklace, a white sweater vest is adorable! It can also be worn over collared shirts (as shown). Crop sweater vests, available at stores like Hollister, are also popular, and they are typically worn with longer, straight collared (half-button) shirts. They are the perfect sweater for fall days that begin and end cool but are warm in the middle.

2. Slouchy Crop Cardigans

These were beginning to get popular in late 2018, but their popularity has only grown since. If you’re someone who gets hot in overly heated classrooms or dorms (but you want to feel like it’s fall), a slouchy crop cardigan is perfect, allowing enough air flow, while feeling cozy walking from class to class. Hollister and H&M carry extremely soft ones with a slightly baggy sleeve that slims off above the waist. It’s a very cute look with some leggings or skinny jeans!

3. Polo & Half Zip Sweaters

Polo and half-zip sweaters began taking the world by storm in late 2020. As seen, they can be for a cute date with friends, or for lounging around the dorm or commons. They’re perfect for an off-the-shoulder look- or just a sloping cut, like the model on the right. It’s definitely a cute style, and one that will make you look confident, current, and comfortable.

4. "Going-out" Sweaters

This fashion might seem similar to any other sweater, but it requires a particular edge that casual sweaters don’t typically have. Going out sweaters allow that cozy, warm feeling, but they typically have openings on the shoulders, over the chest, or above the waist. The sweater on the right (available on Shein) even has a built-in belt for added flare. Look chic and sexy flaunting that autumn style.

5. The 70's Rainbow Stripe

The 70s rainbow-striped sweater sports lantern sleeves and, typically, a swooping turtle neck. It is extremely soft, and the colors are spectacular for making a splash. Add some accessories like dangling hoop (or rectangular) earrings, a belt, and a dripping necklace and collide the 70s with the 20s!

6. The 1940's Sweater Dress

The sweater dress was created as far back as the 1940s (left). There are so many modern designs of the sweater dress that a separate blog post could be dedicated to them! For this, try a simple, soft style, and add a belt for a cinched waist. The modern version tends to have looser sleeves (right) than the uptight original. But overall, it allows for a sophisticated look.

Whether you’re staying in to write that midterm paper or going out for dinner, sweaters come in clutch. Make sure to take a look in your wardrobe, or go shopping for some of the styles above!

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