D.A.r.E. to resist meat

By Rachel Rinehart

Remember earlier this year when Starbucks started using the sippy cup lids to lessen the use of plastic straws in an effort to aid the environment? Well, you can make a similar impact on the environment by going vegetarian! I have been a vegetarian for eleven months now and besides the health benefits, there are numerous environmental benefits! 

Courtesy of Verve4Veggies

Sadly, most of the meat you’re eating does not come from Old MacDonald’s farm, but a factory farm. Factory farms are a large contributor to water pollution, air pollution, and deforestation. Not only are they responsible for water pollution, but they also require an inordinate amount of water for the animals, which is not good for the limited freshwater supply.

By going vegetarian, you are decreasing the demand for meat. If you remember anything from high school economics, it’s probably the law of supply and demand. If you decrease the demand for meat, the supply of meat will decrease as well. It may seem as small of an impact as choosing the air dryer over paper towels, but every little bit helps. You can help decrease pollution and deforestation just by skipping meat.

Going vegetarian does not mean you only eat salad! Here at Miami, it is really easy to go vegetarian if you’re eating from the dining halls. No matter what dining hall, there is always pizza or pasta if you’re picky like me. You can also ask for the vegan chicken nuggets to be made, which are absolutely fantastic. However, there is also always some sort of vegetarian stir fry and Miami is really good about having meals with tofu in it. As a vegetarian, I have never walked out of a dining hall hungry.

If you’re thinking about going vegetarian, try doing Meatless Mondays. It’s easier than you think!




Oxford, OH

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