Failing to get ready in the A.M.

By Jamie Santarella

Like many college students, I can never muster up the energy to get ready in the morning (or, more truthfully, wake up early enough to do so). I always end up in leggings and a sweatshirt, with my hair slightly combed through and no makeup on my face.

I'm always so impressed by the girls that roll up to class in the cutest outfits, hair and makeup done, ready to take on the day. And that's the thing: when you look like you're going to be productive, you are productive.

So, I challenged myself to a week of actually getting ready. I wanted to wake up early enough to put on some real clothes, do my makeup (and hair if needed), plus eat a decent breakfast before heading out the door.

Below are my results. I know I could do better, but it's a start!

Monday (upper left): I started off strong! I had enough time to shower, blow dry my hair, do my makeup, put together a decent outfit, AND eat. Success!

Tuesday (upper right): And then I quickly failed. I knew Tuesdays and Thursdays would be tough because of my 8:30. I at least managed to put on a top and cardigan rather than the typical sweatshirt, but still opted for leggings.

Wednesday (middle left): There wasn't much of a comeback on Wednesday, too. I woke up later than I wanted to, so I decided to dress nicer, but didn't have time for makeup.

Thursday (middle right): Failure. Leggings and a sweatshirt. That 8:30 really got to me.

Friday (bottom left): I'm letting this one slide because I don't have class on Friday, so that means pajamas all day. But, I still tried to look cute while laying in bed!

I'm sure others would disagree with me on this, but it's hard. I came to realize that maybe a lot more has to change in my daily schedule in order to put myself together every morning – I should probably go to bed earlier.

And yes, it's true; I did feel more productive on Monday because I looked like I'd be productive. It's definitely a mental thing, but for me, it worked.

My current goal is to try to get ready on Monday's and Wednesday's, and see what happens the rest of the steps!

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