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Feminism, Friendships, and "The Bachelor" Finale

By Kaitlin McDowell

On Monday, March 25, viewers saw the historic three-hour conclusion of the 28th season of “The Bachelor.” This season was unique for many reasons, but it is the finale that will truly make this season unforgettable.

“The Bachelor” has always been framed as a competition-style reality show, pitting 30 or more women against each other. Ultimately, one woman “wins” the prize of a proposal, which may or may not last, but this does not come without lots of drama, tears and mean girls. 

“The Bachelor” franchise capitalizes off the cat fights that occur throughout the seasons, but what they conveniently leave out is how much fun these girls have together as well.

This all changed when runner-up, Daisy Kent, began to doubt that she would be chosen by Bachelor Joey Graziadei. On the day of the infamous proposal, Kent went to go see the other woman, Kelsey Anderson, as a friend, not a rival.

Kent did not go to Anderson’s room as her competition, but to simply see how her friend was doing. After this twist, the two are seen riding to the proposal destination, not separately, but in the same car, while holding hands. 

These two women found a way to maintain a friendship and be there for each other, while fighting for the heart of the same man, which may be the biggest love story to come out of this season.

Kent walks away from Graziadei after telling him she knows she is not the one, only to be comforted by Anderson, who will be marrying the man that Kent is crying over. In all of her heartbreak, Kent still finds a chance to tell Anderson how happy she is for her. 

Anderson and Graziadei had a beautiful engagement, and it is hard not to root for them, but their moment may have been overshadowed by the power of female friendship shared between Kent and Anderson. 

As the host of the franchise, Jesse Palmer, says, “this ending truly has never been seen before,” and I hope that the franchise will showcase the friendships that come out of this show in future seasons to come. At the end of the day, who needs a man from reality television when you can get 30 girl friends? 

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