Updated: Jan 15

By Samantha Baker

Courtesy of Tom's Corn Maze.

Fall lovers rejoice, as true fall is finally upon us! We’re in the perfect window of time where you can wear sweaters outside and not get too hot or cold. If, like me, you’ve already busted out the fall-scented candles and Halloween decorations, but are still looking for a fall fun outing, then I have a recommendation for you.

Only 45 minutes from Oxford is Germantown, where there is a little gem called Tom’s Corn Maze.

The maze has been operating for 22 years, and every year the maze gets a new and more difficult design. While the maze is the main attraction, the farm also has goats, hot food, apple cider and pumpkins you can buy! I got through the maze in an hour, but I easily spent another hour around the farm.

I’d never done a corn maze, so it was a little overwhelming when you first entered. One of the great things about Toms’, though, is that the maze is color coded. You can go through it blindly for a challenge, but the suggested way is with an empty map.

As you work your way through different sections of the maze you’ll come across small mailboxes. The mailboxes have a picture of the section of the maze you’re in. As you find more and more mailboxes, you’ll be able to piece together what the maze looks like and where you are in it. (If you’re going with a group friends make sure you put together a plan for when someone inevitably gets lost. I heard a lot of variations of Marco Polo during my visit…)

It's a great place for fall photo ops! The corn maze has a tall bridge you can see the rest of the farm from. There’s a sunflower patch for classic sunflower pics. There’s also a flower labyrinth with a gorgeous variety of wildflowers and a large rock in the middle you can sit and pose. The small pumpkin patch and pumpkins for sales are a great backdrop for a seasonal photo.

You can find coupons for admission and pumpkins on their website. Make sure to also wear a mask, as you never know when you might run into people in the maze!

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