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By Ava Shaffer

Let us help you find a perfect gift for everyone on your list! We're breaking it down to the best gifts for each type of individual in your life — looking at some of the most popular aesthetics this season!

The Cottagecore Lover

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This newly popular internet aesthetic is centered around the fantasy of living a quaint life surrounded by nature. It encompasses flowy dresses, floral prints and land-grazing animals. If someone in your life fits this description, here are the gifts to consider for them.

Taylor Swift's Evermore Album

This new surprise album from Taylor Swift is sure to make the cottagecore lover in your life happy. Her music style and overall ambiance of the album matches this aesthetic to a T!

Mushroom Earrings

There are tons of funky earrings to buy off of Etsy, including mushroom earrings. They're a unique accessory that looks very cute and embraces the outdoorsy side of the cottagecore aesthetic.

Candle Making Kit

Perhaps the only thing better than a great-smelling candle is making one yourself! This is a great gift your friend would love, plus something you could do together!

Vintage Journal

There are so many vintage-looking journals you can buy, lots of them with adorable floral covers. For the introspective cottagecore lover, writing in a journal is a great idea.

The Trendsetter

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This person is the fashionista of your friend group. They are always wearing the latest trends, having the most TikTok followers and staying up to date on celebrity gossip. Shopping for someone who seems to know everything there is to know may be tricky, so here are some ideas to get you started.


Bandanas are a practical trend. They're perfect for spicing up an outfit, and can double as a face mask! Consider getting the trendsetter in your life some funky bandanas with unique prints.

Cow Print Phone Case

Cow print has recently become all the hype, so consider getting animal-hide accessories or clothing for someone who loves to be in the know.

Doc Martens

If you're looking for more of a pricey gift idea, Doc Martens are the way to go. There's so many different styles and said to last a lifetime — perfect for the fashionista who wants to wear them every day!

Inkbox Tattoos

Tattoos are a big commitment, that's why Inkbox tattoos are so great. They're temporary tattoos that last for about two weeks that you can buy in singles or in packs. Even better, the art is from independent artists!

The Plant Mom

PHOTO BY @lisasaysgah

This person treats their plants like a mother treats a child. They cherish their ZZ Plant and would die for their succulent collection. If you want to buy the plant mom in your friend group something that's not another piece of greenery, here are some ideas for you!

Thrifted Sweaters

If you don't want to go in-store to Goodwill or Salvation Army, there are amazing thrifting websites, such as ThredUP. Its packaging is eco-friendly and the clothes are second hand, which will be sure to please your environmentally conscious friend.

Reusable Straws

Plastic straws have been known to be bad for the environment, so consider gifting metal or bamboo straws! Most of the packs contain cleaning kits too!

Picnic Blanket

Assuming the plant mom in your life loves spending time outdoors — a great gift for them could be a picnic blanket they can use while spending time in parks, or even in their own backyard!

Tote Bags

Tote bags are a great environmentally friendly replacement for plastic bags. Lots of them have super cute designs, and using them at grocery stores or while shopping will cut down on plastic use.

The Bookworm

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This person's nose is always buried in pages. Whether it's Harry Potter, Twilight or Jane Austen, this friend always has a book tucked in their bag to read during any situation. If you're struggling with a gift that's not books or a Barnes and Noble gift card, here are some ideas.

Book of the Month Subscription

This monthly subscription service is perfect for the avid reader. It gives a selection of a few books each month that you can choose from, then ships it right to your door.

Letter from Their Favorite Character

Although this one seems a little silly, it is a very personal gift to give. If there is one character that your friend loves, whether it is Jon Snow from Game of Thrones or Fred Weasley from Harry Potter, there are creators on Etsy who will write letters in the style of this character and sign off as them.

Book Series Stickers

If you know your friend's favorite book series, get them stickers inspired by it from RedBubble or Etsy! If you don't know their favorite series, that's OK too because there are tons of book stickers that are vague, yet cute.

Cute Bookends

Your friend may have tons of books, but no cute additions to their bookshelves. Gifting them cute bookends, such as these cloud ones from Target, could be a great way to add some style to a bookshelf.

The Organizer

This person adores Marie Kondo and her organization methods. They always have all of their belongings neat and love a good calendar. If this reminds you of any specific person, these are some great gifts to get them for the holiday season!

The Doodle Planner

Youtuber and artist Amanda Rach Lee just released her 2021 Doodle Planner. Not only does it have cute themes for each month, but it also has tons of sections for tracking your habits, mood and to-do lists.

Mason Jars

Mason jars are a perfect cheap gift for someone who lives to organize in your life. They can be used to store pens, markers, food — anything you can think of!

Mildliner Highlighters

These highlighters are both visually pleasing and great for productivity. They come in cute pastel colors that make organizing that much more cute!

Happy Light Box

For a person who loves to get up and move in the morning, a Happy LightBox is the perfect gift. It replicates the look of sunlight, which is perfect for the winter to replicate the sun in the morning.

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Thanks for reading! I hope you found inspiration in these ideas.

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