How Academia Became Fashionable Again

By Ava Shaffer

Image Courtesy of The Vou

Colder weather has re-birthed this new fashion trend that may make you want to wander the library stacks, ponder your existence or rewatch Dead Poet’s Society. Once viewed as stuffy and restricting, academia-inspired fashion has made a comeback with the Dark Academia trend. With an emphasis on sophistication, androgynous style and a splash of vintage nostalgia, this trend is one to keep an eye out for this fall.

According to the fashion blog The Vou, Dark Academia refers to, “a new aesthetic style that draws inspiration from the classic Greek arts, writing, architecture, deeply infused with Gothic elements and concepts of death.”

Although that may sound a little morbid, the Dark Academia trend pulls upon darker influences to create polished and smart looks that would fit in at a college campus, library, art museum or just a fashionable walk around town.

The Make-Up


Dark Academia is all about mixing textures evoking an overall warm and cozy feel. Materials such as tweed, knit and corduroy are staples in this trend, adding a bit of subtle texture to any outfit.

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Neutral Colors

Another major aspect of Dark Academia is the color, or lack thereof. Earthy, neutral colors and muted tones make up most of the monochromatic outfits in this trend. Mixtures of tans, browns, creams and off-whites showcase that classy and elegant style academia evokes.

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Perfect for the increasingly chilly weather, this trend is all about layering polished pieces on top of each other for a detailed yet put-together look. Turtlenecks, blazers and trench coats are the way to go with this smart style.

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Androgynous Style

Perhaps one of the most interesting aspects of Dark Academia is the opportunity for people to experiment with androgynous fashion styles. In particular, many members of the LGBTQ+ community have taken a liking to this trend and the creative space it allows to express themselves in androgynous clothes (Altercation Magazine). This style is neither feminine nor masculine, but gender-inclusive and sexually neutral. For many, Dark Academia allows people to express their unique personalities through fashion, further proving the impact of fashion on identity and self-expression.

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Shop the Staples

Looking to include some Dark Academia pieces in your wardrobe? Want to feel like a professor at an Ivy League as you walk through the crunchy fall leaves? Searching for that perfect outfit to wear while sipping coffee and reading at the local cafe? Well, look no further, because below are some options for affordable staples to partake in the Dark Academia trend.

Black Turtleneck

$17.99 from H&M

Plaid Skirt

$17.98 from Aeropostle

Argyle Sweater Vest

$26.00 from Tillys

Tweed Blazer

$30 from Emery Rose


Other inspiration for the Dark Academia trend originates from popular movies, books and albums that exhibit that sophisticated, smart feeling of academia. Below are some other pop culture media that will help inspire you to embrace Dark Academia this fall.




Hopefully, this article helped you embrace one of fall’s most sought-after trends and encouraged you to indulge in a bit of Dark Academia! Grab that sweater vest, read that classic novel and stroll around beneath the autumn trees looking pensive and fashionable at the same time.

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