Life of a New YouTuber

By Caché Roberts

My life changed on March 28, when I decided to upload my first Youtube video and share it on my social media platforms. Who would've thought a Cleveland raised girl like me would turn my hobby into perfecting a selfie to my side hustle of creating content on YouTube. Ever since I uploaded my first Youtube video, my attitude and perspective on life changed forever.

Some things I have learned on this YouTube journey is that consistency is key. When I first began creating videos, I knew that I wouldn't become this overnight sensation like some YouTubers actually do. I knew that I had to put the time and work in and that equaled consistency. It became easier to post during the summertime because I had more free time but starting my junior year at Miami University, it became harder and harder to make new original content.

On Youtube, usually, it takes one video to start your career! And I am proud to say that the video that took me over the top was the video where my subscribers could really connect with me on a personal video which was my college move in day and dorm tour video.

This video reached over 700 views and I even got some people calling me BABY CASH (my YouTube name) around campus. This video really gave me the chance to interact with my subscribers and have them get to know me on the most personal level which was seeing the place I lay my head.

Being on YouTube has helped me become more confident and connect with genuine people that want to support me and see me win. If you ever had any second thought on whether you should start a YouTube now or later, I highly suggest you start your channel because YOLO!

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