Masked and (Not-So) Dangerous

By Molly Monson

On the faces of friends, discarded in the street, on the gear shift in your car, and in crevices of your backpack, masks are a part of our daily lives in a coronavirus world. Miami University mandated at the beginning of October that masks are now required everywhere-- in the classrooms, in the dorm common areas, and even outside on campus. Yes, masks can be uncomfortable and inconvenient. But shouldn’t lovers of fashion rejoice? A new, in-your-face (or would it be “on your face”?)  way to express yourself that you get to wear every day? Masks also offer anonymity, something I personally love whenever I’m trekking through campus on my way to an 8:30. And, since it seems we will be wearing these for quite some time, let’s make sure they’re cute. 

1. If you love to be matchy-matchy, try...

American Eagle, Tie Dye Mask + Scrunchie Set, $9.95

2. If you love patterns and comfort, try... Fabric Mask Set Stripe-Gingham-Leopard, $32 or available at Walker’s Footwear and Apparel, 1 W. High Street, Oxford OH

3. If you love all things eco-friendly, try... Teca Cotton Face Mask, made from repurposed fabric, $13

4. If you love your athleisure, try... Everyday Non Medical Masks 5 Pack, $30

5. If you need something convenient that will match any outfit, try… Disposable Masks 50 pc in Black, $15.99

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