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Midwest Girl Meets Gucci Garden

By Megan Nabozny

Megan Nabozny

This past J-term, I had the amazing opportunity to study abroad in Florence, Italy. Out of all the brilliant things I did and the places I visited, the iconic Gucci Garden in Florence stood out to me the most. Gucci Garden consists of the Archetypes exhibit, store and osteria. I had the pleasure of going to the exhibit and store, both of which offered an immersive experience of the magnetic beauty that is Gucci.

The Archetypes exhibit explores different Gucci campaigns from the last six years along with tributes to the work of Allesandro Michele, Gucci's past creative director for seven years. These campaigns all showcase the different dimensions of the Gucci brand.

The first room you walk into resembles a control room that features snippets of the rooms to come. Each room is drastically different, from the floral Gucci In Bloom room, to the mirrored Gucci Collectors room filled with shoes, cockoo clocks and butterflies.

Megan Nabozny

Being from a small town in Ohio, I had never been exposed to such eccentric fashion and creative expression. It was truly eye opening to see how multifaceted Gucci is and read all about the artistry of these collections.

Florence is a very fashionable city compared to what we see in the United States. Athletic wear is not common and mostly everyone looks put together. Studying abroad and visiting the Gucci Garden has given me a new appreciation for fashion and exploring my own personal style.

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