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Quarantining on a Weekend

By Rachel Rinehart

Weekends living in the dorms during the COVID-19 pandemic can get a little boring, so to spice things up this weekend, my friends and I made lunch together and watched the Browns football game in the basement of our dorm.

We made the long walk to Kroger and got food for a build-your-own Chipotle bowl. My roommate and I are vegetarian so we got tofu and it was some of our friend’s first time trying it, which was something really fun to introduce them to.

The easy thing about doing this in the dorm was we did BYOB: bring your own bowls. We all rolled down with our own bowls and utensils so we didn't have to share anything and so that it wasn’t a nuisance to carry around, or something you had to remember to take home. The difficult thing about doing it in the dorms is the lack of pans. It definitely took longer than expected to make the lunch, but the chips and salsa distracted us.

Everyone helped cook which was a fun activity to bring us together and some learning curves were overcome as well. It’s surprising how little some people know and how much others know about the ways of the kitchen – your friends might surprise you and know how to caramelize peppers.

The lunch time entertainment was the Cleveland Browns vs the Dallas Cowboys in football. I have never been one to enjoy watching football, or any sport in general. However, the people-watching during football is entertainment in itself. For those invested in the game, it’s an emotional rollercoaster. The cheers at a touchdown and cries at a fumble were very amusing.

If your dorm’s kitchen is open or you have your own kitchen, cooking with friends is a super enjoyable activity to do during this time of social distancing!

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