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Shop The Fashion of HBO'S Euphoria

By Ava Shaffer

Courtesy of HBO Max

HBO’s hit original TV show Euphoria premiered in the summer of 2019, and those in the fashion community have not stopped talking about it since. In January, HBO released additional episodes about the characters Jules and Rue and hype for the show (the funky outfits showcased in it) spiked again.

With the popularity of Euphoria rising, so might viewers’ incentive to emulate the fashion. This comprehensive list of where to buy outfits from some of Euphoria’s main characters will surely help you feel like you’re in a suburban psychedelic drama.


Played by Zendaya, Rue’s style can be characterized as cool, laid-back and comfortable. Oversized menswear, funky graphic tees and her iconic burgundy sweatshirt are in true Rue style.

Funky Oversized Psychedelic Top

Shop the look here

Courtesy of POPSUGAR

Courtesy of ASOS

Iconic Burgundy Sweatshirt

Shop the look here

Courtesy of Zendaya Style Files

Courtesy of Amazon


As described by the fashion magazine Syrup, “Jules aesthetic is very bubblegum pop princess meets e-girl fantasy.” Hunter Schafer’s character typically wears bold neons and plaid check miniskirts.

Sunburst Lashes

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Courtesy of Arre

Courtesy of DollsKill

Adorable Yellow Plaid Skirt

Shop the look here

Courtesy of Hollywood Reporter

Courtesy of Nordstrom


Girly and sweet, Sydney Sweeney’s character Cassie embodies the fashion of Barbie in Euphoria. Pinks, feminine dresses and ruffle tops are a staple in her character’s closet.

Pink Crystal-Lined Slip Dress

Shop the look here

Courtesy of LizDress

Courtesy of HouseCBLondon

Alabama Cow Skirt Halloween Costume

Shop the look here

Courtesy of POPSUGAR

Courtesy of DollsKill


Played by Barbie Ferreira, Kat underwent a style transformation throughout season one. At first her character repped street style, typically seen wearing oversized clothing and denim. After her transformation, Kat embraced her sexuality and body positivity by shifting to a bad-girl-gone-chic and dominatrix style.

Black lace corset top

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Courtesy of Spotern

Courtesy of Shopbop

Daring Red Choker and Body Harness

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Courtesy of InStyle

Courtesy of Zana Bayne

Courtesy of Amazon


Maddy Perez, diva of the show played by Alexa Demie, is never afraid to stand out in a crowd. Her style is bold, revealing and glamorous. Mostly found wearing matching two-piece sets and deep purple, Maddy’s style errs on the expensive side.

Sexy Purple Cut-Out Pants

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Courtesy of ID Magazine

Courtesy of Revolve

Cutesy Lavender Daisy Dress

Shop the look here

Courtesy of Pinterest

Courtesy of ASOS

Bold Crystal Two Piece

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Courtesy of Cosmopolitan

Courtesy of Akna

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