Style's in our DNA

By Rebecca Wolff

We all remember the feeling. The sophistication that we first felt walking into our Mom’s closet and slipping on her heels, a long necklace hanging with pride and a dress that swallowed us whole in its beauty. 

I was five years old when I first wandered into that closet and here I am 14 years later, still trying to sneak her sweaters into my suitcase so I can whisk them back to school with me. My Mom’s wardrobe has suffered greatly from my adoration, but I’m also guilty of taking my Dad’s t-shirts so I can get a cute over-sized look. I walk around as a combination of my parents style, inside and outside. 

Our love of printed skirts has always been a shared interest. Same with understanding that statement pieces are essential in every wardrobe. 

My dad always inspired me to not just be groovy, but over-sized, comfy and baggy as well. Everybody takes their Dad’s comfy big t-shirts, so it’s perfectly natural to feel influenced to buy similar items to add to your wardrobe. 


We all know we carry out our parents mannerisms and quirky phrases out into the world with us, but the style mark they leave on us often goes unrecognized. As we walk the streets of Oxford and beyond, important to remember where we got our jeans. 

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