Tell Your 7th Grade Self That Abercrombie & Fitch is Back

By Jackie Cameron

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Strutting out of your hometown mall carrying a shopping bag with a black and white photo of a shirtless male model was the epitome of cool in 7th grade. Not to mention, you probably still had the lingering smell of the perfume “Fierce” trailing after you. The only store that would’ve resulted in this? Abercrombie & Fitch.

While the A&F moose was the logo to wear in the early 2000’s, it quickly went out of style after former CEO Mike Jeffries classified Abercrombie & Fitch as a store intended for “cool kids” that weren’t “overweight or unattractive.” Obviously no one wanted to give business to a company that prided itself on exclusivity and the brand saw a sharp decline in sales and stock.

However, in 2017, a new CEO and the ditching of washboard abs and stick-thin models signaled the rebranding the company needed. Now, Abercrombie provides go-to staple clothing that’s flattering for everyone and doesn’t prioritize a set population. Plus (spoiler alert) their clothes are cute. Like really cute.

They’ve ditched the dim-lit, cologne-infused stores for brighter patterns that emulate beach vibes year round.

Keep reading for a preview of three of Abercrombie’s hottest styles for the spring season.

Matching Sets

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If it’s not matching, then it’s not cute. This seems to be the mentality for style this spring. This linen-blend set could be dressed up or down, making it a necessary purchase. Plus linen provides a natural coolness during hot summers.

Oversized Button Downs

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This oversized shirt can double as a cover-up or a dress. Slouchy button downs are key wardrobe pieces this spring. The pattern and color variation creates depth within this particular piece, setting it apart from the typical white gauzy shirt. Shop this look here.

Denim Shorts

Image courtesy of Abercrombie & Fitch

Jean shorts are an absolute requirement for the warmer months. This off-centered pair provides a much-needed switch up from the usual high-waisted denim look. Consider pairing with a blazer like pictured or take a casual approach with a t-shirt. Either way, these shorts are a must-add for your shopping cart.

This rebranding was much needed and is much appreciated by shoppers today. Their selection of timeless classics exhibit both sophistication and style. Channel your inner middle schooler this spring and head to your closest A&F.

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