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Updated: Feb 16, 2023

By Rachel Rinehart

Fashion has always been taking inspiration from the past, but the stay-at-home orders have brought fashion back to its glory days: the early 2000s.

I’m not talking about glitter eyeshadow or dresses over jeans. I’m talking about tracksuits.

With online school and working from home, who wants to put on jeans and a belt? That’s why the tracksuit has come back in style, but not in the same label written across the butt style. Numerous brands are putting out tracksuits of all different styles, from high-waisted sweats and a cropped sweatshirt to nice shorts and T-shirt lounge set. 

This popular look can become a stylish, going-out outfit by adding a nice jacket over top and some cool shoes. As fashion has shown us time and time again, all you really need is some confidence and accessories to spice up your loungewear. 

Trends are showing us that tracksuits are back in style, and they’re the perfect outfit for online learning. The cohesive look can also elevate your studying-hard 'fit and make you look more put together than you actually may be.

So bid “adieu” to groufit shaming and hop on the tracksuit trend!

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