The Best Fitness Accounts for At Home Workouts during Quarantine

By: Sydney Nelson

Pamela Reif

Pamela Reif is a QUEEN and my new favorite fitness YouTuber. Every week she uploads new 30 minute and 45 minute workout plans on her Instagram and includes a snap shot of all of the videos to follow along to each day. The workouts range from HIIT (Intense Full Body Workouts), Ab Workouts, Leg Workouts, Booty Workouts, Upper Body Exercises etc. All of her videos are challenging and rather than listening to her talk the entire music, she plays really good music throughout the video instead.

Sarah’s Day

OMG. Love her to death. Sarah and her family (Fox, Kurt, and Abby) are adorable, and to make it even better she has a great Fitness EBook that follows an 8 week program with 4 workouts per week. The program comprises 4 types of workout days: Sweaty Shredder,Toning Power, Challenge, and Activity days. The exercises are different every week. Once you make it to weeks 4-5 there are 2 days of Sweaty Shredders and weeks 6-8 have 2 days of Sweaty Shredders and 2 days of Toning Power. Her workouts burn and mixed with some extra cardio like running or spinning or whatever else you can think of in quarantine, it is a killer workout.

Katie Dunlop / LoveSweatFitness

I just recently started following Katie. I saw her on one of Carbon 38’s Instagram Live Stories so of course I checked out her profile. She is super inspiring (with a 45 Pound Weight Loss Story) and she has adorable workout gear. Lately, she has been doing live workouts on a variety of different Instagram accounts, which she will update you with in her Instagram story and she has some Workouts on her Youtube Channel. Also, she is doing a 30 Day Free Trial with her LSF App!

Carbon38 Instagram

The Carbon38 Instagram Account has been KILLER during these tough times. Before isolation, I never really paid attention to their account. I only followed them because they have super cute leggings, workout apparel, and athleisure pieces, but lately they have been so on their game with 3 Instagram Live Workouts a Day from 3 Different Fitness stars. I’ve found a ton of great workouts and fitness accounts from their posts, so I definitely recommend checking them out.

  • Instagram: @carbon38

Peloton App

Ah, a personal favorite. Whether or not you have a Peloton bike or not, the app is

fantastic. They have a wide range of classes that you can easily follow along with: Strength, Yoga, Cardio, Running, Bootcamp, Cycling, Stretching, and Meditation. My personal favorite instructors are Emma Lovewell, Ally Love, and Robin Arzon. You are bound to get a good sweat in with these instructors as your guide.

CorePower Youtube

Last, but not least: Corepower. I am a huge fan of their 75 Min Live Sculpt and Meditation Classes posted daily on their YouTube. You might think oh, yoga that is so easy, but trust me you will be dripping sweat by the end of this workout, especially with the Sculpt ones. These videos are all about toning and focusing on the breath, which is a great addition to your workout routine. I like to do 2-3 days of spinning on the Peloton and Pamela’s YouTube videos and on the 3rd or 4th day I will do a CorePower Sculpt class. My personal favorite instructor is: Adrianne.

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