The Best TikTok Trends For Body Positivity

By Ava Shaffer

It’s no surprise that majority of us love TikTok. The short videos made by thousands of creators provide tons of ideas for fashion, beauty, comedy, art, and more. As great as this platform is for creativity and inspiration, sometimes social media can have negative impacts on young peoples’ self-confidence. In efforts to promote more body positivity and confidence within social media, here is a short list of the best TikTok trends for embracing your body.

1. Posing v Reality

Everyone has tried to get the perfect picture of themselves, twisting and configuring themselves into odd positions to make their tummy seem smaller, or their hips look wider. In this trend, creators showcase their signature poses to look smaller. Then, the beat drops and the camera angle shifts, TikTok users now showing off what their bodies actually look like when they aren’t posing. Videos such as these promote body positivity in all aspects of viewing, whether that’s posing or not. This trend is so crucial for body positivity because oftentimes the images young women see online of models and celebrities portray an inaccurate account of what bodies actually look like. By showing off the reality of real bodies, people can avoid harmful ideas of looking exactly like models in magazines.

2. You Got It”

This is personally my favorite body positivity trend on TikTok. In these videos, creators dance to the sound of Sales’s song Renee. The lyrics of this song say, “You got got it.” TikTok users have used this already catchy and upbeat song to show off their bodies, and for each lyric line they express normal body appearances that social media usually tries to hide. For example, someone will show off their stomach rolls, love handles, or stretch marks, while singing “you got it!” with the lyrics. This shows that even if you are insecure about aspects of your body, lots of other people have the same body types and features that go along with it. Sometimes, embracing and loving the body you have is easier when others that look like you are doing the same in a positive and confident way.

3. Duet Chains

The last trend of body positivity that I want to touch on is duet chains. For those that may not know, duet chains are when one person can record their video and post it next to another creator’s video. Then, others will follow. Eventually, you can get up to 15 or more videos, all stacked up next to each other. Creators have used this feature to promote body positivity with each other, oftentimes dueting another person and complimenting something about them. This chain can go on for a while, filling up with more and more compliments. While self-love comes from the inside, positivity and kind words from others never hurts in your journey of body-positivity.

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