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The Birkenstock Comeback

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

By Elle Wentworth

Over the last month, the new and unexpected must-have shoe is the Birkenstock Boston. The obsession for their new ‘Boston Suede Clog’ has a signature, slip-on style that has resulted in every influencer adding them to their cart. On the feet of celebrities such as Kendall Jenner, Ashley Olsen, and even Kanye West, these shoes have easily found their way to the market. The suede fabric makes this shoe a perfect pair with any outfit, from your cozy sweater and jeans to your favorite matching set. According to Birkenstock, “The Boston is a timeless and perennial favorite."

MARIA /Maria on Pinterest

This Birkenstock comeback has a lot to do with the versatility of the clog. Although this shoe is an absolute fall must-have, there’s no limit to the season in which these shoes can be worn; the opportunities are endless. Not only can you wear these shoes to run your daily errands or out to class, but this "Boston" style is also available in a slipper for around-the-house wear.

Birkenstocks began as a geeky sandal crafted in Germany, eventually making its way to the U.S. market in 1966 and becoming a “must-have” for many. Although Birkenstock had a breakthrough in 2018 with the popular "Arizona" style, they slowly fell out of the spotlight.

Needless to say, Birkenstock has made an obvious comeback with their new Boston style as it is a staple for the fall of 2022. Due to their blow up on TikTok and Instagram, the style is sold out constantly. So, light your fall candle, drink your pumpkin spice latte and add The Boston clog to your cart ASAP!

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