Updated: Dec 29, 2020

By Samantha Baker

Even though we may not have been listening to our car radio’s as much these past eight months, there’s still been great new music released.

The following list of songs, presented in no particular order, were not only released during the pandemic, but are about the pandemic and other events from the months.

1. Level of Concern - Twenty One Pilots

Courtesy of wikipedia.com

Prominent Lyric: Panic on the brain/World has gone insane/Things are starting to get heavy

This stand-alone single was released April 9, pretty early on into all the pandemic craziness. We all had anxieties and worries about what was going to happen, and some of them still certainly exist. Just like in the song, we could all use someone who’s gonna tell us that at the end of it all it’s going to be alright.

2. F2020 - Avenue Beat

Courtesy of thewittenbergtorch.com

Prominent Lyric: I don't know about everybody else/ But I think that I am kinda done/ Can we just get to 2021?

Like a lot of current songs, this one got big after a TikTok of the band singing it went viral.

Do you ever just have one of those days where everything goes wrong, oh and there’s still a pandemic on top of all that? Yeah, been there. Eff 2020.

3. Six Feet Apart - Alec Benjamin

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Prominent Lyric: Oh, I miss you most/ At six feet apart.

Days where we were just lonely, sad, and frustrated, this encapsulates that all perfectly in a chill/relaxed song.

4. Ice Cold - Lil Tjay

Courtesy of complex.com

Prominent Lyric: Jails multiplyin', change shit, I'm tryin/ Murder rate just keep on goin' up, it's horrifyin'/Cops pointin' fingers, they be misidentifyin'

This song is more about the racial inequalities prominent in the news this summer. Lil Tjay’s gives advice, which you can hear in the chorus, to spread love.

5. Better Days - OneRepublic

Courtesy of pinterest.com

Prominent Lyric: Oh, I know that there'll be better days/ Oh, that sunshine 'bout to come my way

You’ve definitely heard this one. This song has been the backing track to every ‘We’re In This Together Now’ commercial since its release. It may be a bit overplayed, but it’s uplifting.

While this song was written with the pandemic in mind, it’s a good play for whenever you need to remember that things will get better.

6. Mask, Gloves, Soaps, Scrubs - Todrick Hall

Courtesy of youtube.com

Prominent Lyric: I don't go to work (work)/ I don't leave, I stay (stay)/ I don't care I eat, eat, eat, and sleep all day (okay)

The song is actually a reworking of a previous Todrick song “Nails, Hair, Hips, Heels”, now just filled with references to the pandemic and quarantining (Joe Exotic, Stimulus checks, TikTok and Grubhub, etc.)

This song is just fun, and something you can laugh at!

7. Stuck with U - Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber

Courtesy of wikipedia.com

Prominent Lyric: I’m stuck with you

This was a charity song for the First Responder’s Children Foundation, and if you’ve listened to top 40 radio at all then you’ve probably heard this.

It's a pop song that, like some others on this list, will be playing even after the pandemic is over.

8. Gotta Be Patient - Michael Bublé, Barenaked Ladies, Sofia Reyes

Courtesy of amazon.com

Prominent Lyric: I just wanna see my friends/ I wanna walk the streets again, again/ But I gotta be patient

Released in late April, “Gotta Be Patient” is a stay safe and be smart so we can end this pandemic type of song. This another fun collaboration between Bublé, the Barenaked Ladies and Sofia Reyes.

This will be another song that we’ll hear in five or 10 years from now and go “Man, remember all that”.

9. IDK You Yet - Alexander 23

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Prominent Lyric: How can you miss someone you've never seen?

It didn’t directly reference anything that was happening in the world at the time, but the feelings that the singer revokes were ones everybody had.

There’s melancholy as he sings about needing someone who he hasn’t met. It’s a nice song, and it’ll probably find its way on to a lot of people’s chill playlists.

10. I Know Alone - HAIM

Courtesy of originalrock.net

Prominent Lyric: 'Cause nights turn into days/ That turn to grey/ Keep turning over/ Some things never grow/ I know alone like no one else does

Maybe this should have been an honorary mention. It was written and recorded before the pandemic but not released until April.

This slower pop song channels the complicated emotions around being alone. Sometimes it’s great, but sometimes you need to be around other people or you’ll lose your mind.

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