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Trend Alert: Nail Designs

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

By Sydney Nelson

Henry & Co /

Nothing makes me happier than a pair of fun nails and we can thank quarantine for bringing this fun trend back into style.

Anyone else remember how popular it was to get nail designs when we were in middle school? Little flowers on the ring finger were the “thing” to do, but now all sorts of nail designs have made a comeback.

My last five manicures have been designs. I have spent a good hour before each of my appointments scrolling on Pinterest for the perfect one. They have so many cool options to choose from and of course I have to pick something that fits my mood and the season!

Some of the most popular Pinterest designs are featured in the photos below. We should all strive to recreate these designs over this winter season.

I was always hesitant to get acrylics/tips, but I finally bit the bullet with my last manicure of the green yin and yang sign and got them. I have no complaints so far! The long nails definitely are a vibe: elegant and mature. If you are located in the Oxford area, I highly recommend checking out Lotus Nail Spa or True Nails in Hamilton because they both did an amazing job. Next time you get your nails done, plan to try out a fun design. You won’t be disappointed!

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