When in LA

By Caché Roberts

During J-term, I got the chance to go to Los Angeles for the Inside Hollywood Program through the Media and Culture Department. LA was everything I thought it would be and more. I am so grateful to have got the chance to experience what I did in LA. I made connections, established relationships, and toured the city.

Inside Hollywood was a 3-week study away program which featured shadowing famous studios, networking with alumni, and shadowing a position in the industry of interest. My first week was mostly alumni coming to speak with us about whatever they do in the industry. During the first week in LA, I learned that freelancing was common and the new normal. Being from the Midwest where everyone thinks that you should just get a typical job like a doctor or lawyer to come to the Westside where everyone wants to be involved in the industry. It was for sure interesting.

While I was in LA though, I realized that it is okay to have an interest in multiple fields. I had always thought that I was only interested in broadcasting celebrity news. But in LA, I learned about so many positions that I feel people often forget about like talent booking. The thought of booking high clientele was fascinating for me to hear about.

Some highlights from my trip include visiting NFL Network, getting the chance to sit at the newsdesk at Entertainment Tonight and do a soundcheck, also shadowing Home & Family Show for my last week. I got a chance to look at the differentiating positions from shows. To compare and contrast the role of a production assistant at Home & Family Show and Entertainment Tonight was so interesting. LA taught me if anything, that you have to be ready to do whatever role to get your foot in the door.

I remember leaving for LA on January 1st and being so excited. It was my first time going to California, yet, I talked about this place like I knew for sure I wanted to be there. After leaving La, and bouncing back to reality in Oxford, I realize LA is something that I want even more and I can just imagine myself moving there. The best advice I got while being in LA was to start creating content I want to be hired for. My attitude in LA even changed, everything became about living my best life because I knew my moment there wouldn't last there forever. I began saying "when in LA," because it couldn't last forever.

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