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Who You Should be Following on Instagram: Rickey Thompson

By Bridget Bonanni

If you don't know who Rickey Thompson is, you should change that.

Rickey is a twenty-three year old actor, YouTuber, social media influencer and comedian.

He became web-famous on Vine (rip), but blew up on Instagram when Kylie Jenner shared one of his videos back in 2016.

Even though he became famous for his uplifting and empowering humor from his videos online, he is now becoming an icon in the world of fashion. Rickey shows off his unique and laid back yet also bold style in all of his videos, which has led to him making a name for himself fashion-wise as well.

One of Rickey's recent posts while visiting the UK

He recently went to New York Fashion Week and sat front row at a few different shows, including Coach, Brandon Maxwell and Longchamp. He has also collaborated with Alexander Wang and Coach as a spokesperson for the brands.

Rickey at the Coach show during New York Fashion Week

He has been recognized by online personalities, like YouTubers, bloggers and influencers since 2015. Now, he has been getting recognition from celebrities and fashion designers as he is transitioning from online fame to A-list celebrity.

During his time in New York, he met Anna Wintour and was invited to the Harper's Bazaar Icons party. He was just nominated for a People's Choice Award as the Choice Web Star, won Instagrammer of the Year at the most recent Shorty Awards and made it on the cover of Gay Times' most recent issue.

Rickey meeting Anna Wintour at a Teen Vogue event

So yes, Rickey Thompson is kind of a big deal and I encourage you all to follow him!

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