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Winter Issue 2020


In a day and age where the tumultuousness of the news cycle can freeze us in our tracks, force us to take a mental or emotional pause to reassess what is important in our lives and hold the people we love more closely, one thing is for certain: for better or worse, we all have the capacity to leave an impact. As we move into 2020, perhaps we should think about the impact we want to make. It is our duty to as the world’s next-generation to provoke, incite and aggravate, but for the good of humanity and the world we have been given. Even while we are wounded and tender to the touch, find a way to rise up and make an impact, even in the smallest of ways. 


It’s for these reasons we chose Impact as this year’s winter theme. We wanted to define just what it means to have a significant and meaningful influence on the lives of our fellow humans, exploring who and what leaves a lasting footprint on our lives and the moments that shape us. This issue’s stories, photos, fashion and layouts seek to inspire you to make an impact wherever you go. 

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