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IGNITE is inspired by trailblazers who’ve challenged norms and set paths for those similar to follow. 

Flourish honors who & what inspires our evolution & ignites our desire to keep moving forward.

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The Impact issue explores who and what leaves a lasting footprint on our lives and the moments that shape us.

The In Living Color issue celebrates the vibrant people, places and things that make up the fabric of our community and every colorful moment in between.

The Timeless issue marks the 10th anniversary of UP Magazine. A decade of publication calls for a celebration of the decades. The Timeless issue seeks to celebrate the styles and stories that helped drive our world into the future. 

The Captivate issue's imagery, style and design emphasized how an elegant, romantically creative perspective can change your worldview and enchant your day-to-day life. 

The Empower issue was the first issue published after UP's rebranding. The issue focused on fresh ideas, diversity, individuality, empowering all body types and forward-thinking fashion. The Empower issue was the first time UP published four different covers for one issue.



Oxford, OH

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