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First, we would like to wholeheartedly apologize to those affected by the experience brought to our attention via the anonymous “@dearmiamiu” Instagram page today, Jul. 2. 


Prior to this post, we had already begun to discuss the changes we would like to make to our organization for the 2020-2021 school year — especially with respect to diversity, inclusion, and the institutional and individual racism that exists within the Miami University community.


We’ve reached out to the Instagram page, as well as commented on the post to welcome productive conversation with the individual who came forward. Upon their cooperation, we hope to discuss the ways in which we can change our organization’s structure and policies to prevent this from happening again. 


Here’s what we’ve done in recent years...

  • All staff members are granted access to a model archive, which includes all submitted profiles of those interested in modeling, as well as those already involved. This tool is meant to promote diversity and inclusion as well as prevent overuse of any one model.

  • Our current hiring process is based solely on merit. Applicants do not submit any background information other than name, major, year and relevant experience to the position.

  • The composition of UP strives to favor accountability and collaboration, by having multiple teams and leaders work together on singular projects.


At this time, we are reaching out to directors and former staff members to gather feedback. We’ve created an anonymous Google Form, so that individuals may share their insights, experiences and ideas on how we can implement real and tangible change going forward. We encourage all to contribute via the link below.


As we begin the new school year, we plan to use the feedback we recieve to more effectively address any prejudice and discrimination within our organization.  


We will not only continue to listen and learn, but we will DO better.

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