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2021 Holiday Gift Guide: Enneagram Personality-Inspired

By Annika M. Baldwin

Image Courtesy of Pinterest

The holiday season is the time to give, to be with those you love. Some say, if it’s someone who loves you, then they’ll love any gift you get them! But loving someone is knowing them- and you want to get them a gift that best fits with who they are and shows them how you feel about them! So, loosely based on enneagram types, here is a list of ideas of gifts for the various personalities in your life!

The Perfectionist

The perfectionist could use a reminder to relax and enjoy their body once in a while. Try a simple, red and gold notebook set, a folder with color-coded tabs, and perhaps a matching bath bomb and mask set. Your perfectionist can relax and vent while keeping everything in order and perfectly-matched.

The Lover

The lover cares most about the people around them- and helping them, primarily. Nothing speaks to the people-person more than a shared experience with those they love, or a gift that was made with love. Plan a simple weekend getaway with a group of friends, or put together a photo album or scrapbook of some of the experiences you’ve enjoyed most together.

The Achiever

The achiever is the hardworking go-getter of the people around you. Their achievements define them in many ways, and sometimes it’s good to remind them how much you appreciate them, see them, and are proud of them. Try creating an “award” of how proud you are of them- a funny trophy, or a work of art with their favorite characters. Leave them a note letting them know you see them for all they do!

The Creative Soul

The creative soul takes any chance to make something and free their emotions in the form of creation. Charcoal, colored pastels, or a pack of brush-tip markers can go a long way for this person. Try a colorful or fantastical journal or sketchbook while you’re at it. A “Wreck This Journal” is a brilliant idea for the emotional, messy side of your creative friend.

The Scientific-Minded

The scientific-minded focuses most on logic- rather the opposite, in some ways, of the creative soul. Consider getting them something to piece together- a puzzle to solve. Besides mechanical projects (like inserting a car radio), sudoku, mystery solving, and puzzle books are fairly easy to find, and are perfect for your person with a need for cognition!

The Organizer

The organizer is the safe, prepared friend of the group. The obvious gift might be a planner, personalized to the person. Consider gifting them a unique pen, an office notebook with their name on it, or a series of creative sticky notes to pin throughout their dorm!

The Adventurer

The adventurer is often also the life of the party! Giving them a material gift may not be nearly as fun as gifting them an adventure! Put together a pamphlet of a day-trip you’ve planned with them: complete with discovering new coffee shops, hiking, driving back roads for hours, seeking out look-outs, and maybe ending at a jazz club.

The “Strong One”

The “strong one” of your loved ones is often the justice-driven protector. They’re used to defending those around them, and they might be the most likely to say, “You don’t have to get me anything,” or “Get me whatever!” This person deserves something bold and inspiring. Consider an inscribed rocks glass, something classic like a fountain pen, a worn journal, or a historical-looking knife, or something you make yourself to show (like with the achiever) your appreciation of them and their strength

The Introvert

The introvert wants companionship as much as anyone- but in a different way. After the rush and bustle of the holidays, your introverted person will love nothing more than to curl up with a book and a mug of coffee- and maybe take a nap with a dog or cat. Wrap them a favorite poetry book (like Rupi Kaur) or manga (like Snow White with the Red Hair), a cozy knitted blanket in their favorite color, and a pack of their favorite drink. Offer to spend a quiet day with them, reading or watching films in silence next to a blazing fire.


Tastes do vary, even from personality to personality. The most important thing is to pay attention to what you know about each of your people. No need to go overboard with spending! Just look at their personality, think of the things they love, and get them the best gift to show your love this season.

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