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4 Must Try Brunch Spots in Cincinnati

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

By Bella Douglas

JANE DOAN / Pexels

There are very few things I love more than brunch — which is why I make it a priority to get out of Oxford on lazy Sunday afternoons. Here are my top 4 spots to grab brunch in Cincinnati (in no particular order because it was hard enough to narrow this list down to 4):

1. Maplewood Kitchen and Bar 

A self-proclaimed “west coast cafe in the heart of Cincinnati,” Maplewood Kitchen and Bar is where foodies die and go to heaven. As an avocado lover, I can’t help but order their avocado toast every time I come in. Maplewood has perfected the art of casual and fresh dining without sacrificing style. View their menu here.

2. French Crust Café & Bistro

With its cheery yellow walls and fantastic eats, French Crust Café & Bistro is a little slice of Paris in Cincinnati’s Findlay Market. A Jean-Robert de Cavel restaurant, the cafe, and the patisserie offer classic French lunch dishes, eclairs, and desserts. View French Crust’s menu here.

3. Cheapside Café

Cheapside Café is situated in the Eighth Street Design District. Cheapside’s appeal, apart from its fantastic food and coffee, lies in the fact that it’s unique. Unlike many restaurants in Cincinnati’s burgeoning foodie scene, Cheapside doesn’t feel like it’s trying to be cool- it just is. The minimalist aesthetic doesn’t feel forced, and it’s a killer place to get a real cup of coffee. View their menu here.

4. Sleepy Bee Cafe

A cult favorite turned multiple-location powerhouse, one might consider Sleepy Bee to be synonymous with brunch in Cincinnati. The wait times at both their Oakley and Blue Ash locations are insane. But with good reason- Sleepy Bee crafts delicious breakfast and lunch dishes from locally sourced ingredients and has something for everyone. View Sleepy Bee Cafe’s Oakley menu here and their Blue Ash menu here.

Honorable Mentions: Red Feather Kitchen, Taste of Belgium, The Echo, Sugar n’ Spice, Hangover Easy

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