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5 ways to style a scarf into a top

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

By Anaka Bretzke


The scarf top is one of the newest and most popular trends of the season. I’ve seen numerous people on Youtube, TikTok, and Instagram try it out, so evidently I had to see what all the hype was about.

I looked at multiple silk scarves on boutique websites, ranging anywhere from $15-$30. Conveniently, during my search for the perfect scarf, I came across a Youtube video that recommended $9 silk scarves on Amazon.


I watched youtube videos to find creative ways to style the scarf into a top, did a Pinterest deep dive, and scrolled through Instagram.

Here are some of my favorite styles I tried and would recommend everyone to try as well!

1. The One-Shoulder:

Fold your scarf in half to make a large triangle. Then, wrap the scarf around your midriff having the point of the triangle on the side of your hip. From there, take the ends and tie them around one arm to complete your look!

2. The Classic:

For my personal favorite style, fold your scarf of choice in half to make a large triangle. From there, fold the longest side over to adjust how cropped you would like your top to be, and tie the ends in the back. I love this look because it’s so chic and classy, making it perfect to dress up or down.

3. The Tube Top:

Fold your scarf into a rectangular shape, wrap it around your chest, and tie in the back. Voila!

4. The Tie-Front Top:

Take your scarf, fold it in half to make it a large triangle. Next, fold the top edge over one more time to make a rectangular shape with two pointy ends on either side. Wrap the scarf around your back, tie a double knot in the front, and adjust to your liking.

5. The Twist Top:

I personally found this style to be the hardest to accomplish. Start the process the same way as the tie-front top, then twist both ends and wrap them around your neck (or even a necklace!). Adjust to your liking. For this style, I would recommend using a longer scarf instead of a square-shaped one like I used.

BONUS: The Scarf Belt:

Ok, I know this isn’t a top, but it actually looks pretty cute with a simple top and some jeans!

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