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Updated: Feb 15, 2023

By Lauren Balster


This fall, the 90’s are coming BACK! I’m talking sweater vests, polos layered under sweatshirts, mom jeans, flannels, turtlenecks, tennis skirts and chunky sneakers. And I am HERE for it!

My Pinterest board knows how ready I am to star in a 90’s drama, if only that were the case. I see these trends popping up all over my social media, but when it comes to actually dressing the part, lately it’s become a bit tough. For the most part, all of us college students are stuck in our houses taking virtual classes, participating in virtual extracurriculars or working jobs that might have also gone online. Therefore, once I take the time to get all cute and dolled up, who is actually going to see how cute and dolled up I am? This begs the question:

Do we get dressed up for ourselves or for others?

I’d love to say that the sole reason I get dressed up is for my own personal benefit; but in all honesty, it’s so much easier to not have to beat your face with makeup or come up with a cute outfit to wear every day.

Coronavirus is forcing me to stay at home and has given me permission to wear sweats and a T-shirt every day and not have to worry about being seen as a slob (It’s called loungewear, okay?).

Covid has made trips to the grocery store quite the occasion. It’s your chance to put on your cute T-shirt instead of your bedtime T-shirt. It’s your chance to slab on some mascara, but not necessarily foundation because your mask will conceal your identity anyways. It’s also your chance to perhaps see other humans outside of the people you live with.

Regardless of how easy it might be to succumb to the covid-style ~loungewear~ we probably have all begun to love, I think we should all give ourselves permission to put those pinterest boards we’ve been building to work. Even if you’re just putting on a cute outfit to feel like things are normal and you have your life together, do it anyways! Sometimes it’s okay to get all dressed up, with nowhere to go.

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