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College Dupes

By Halle Grant

@lottastichler on Instagram

The allure of Amazon and TikTok Shop “dupes,” or duplicate items, is like stumbling upon a hidden treasure chest. I mean, who wouldn't want to rock trendy pieces without constantly worrying about the financial aftermath? These duplicated wonders have become a staple among college students, offering a practical and affordable solution to the perpetual fashion struggle.

Name brands have their charm, but let’s be real – as college students, we are all on a budget. And guess what? It is not embarrassing at all. In fact, it's smart. 

One of the most popular “dupe” purchases have been Lululemon workout pieces. In my experience, the quality of the knock-off pieces have been pretty close to the real thing so what’s the point of paying extra for that little logo? 

And it’s not just workout tops. We've all been there – the fear of losing a beloved top or having it trashed during a night out. Sharing clothes with roommates and friends is inevitable, so investing in lookalikes from Amazon is a savvy move, just in case something ends up happening to your precious pieces.

Now, let's talk about the holy grail of fashion anxiety – losing or damaging designer bags and sunglasses. It happens more often than we'd like to admit. Instead of worrying about losing your favorite Christmas gift on a random Friday night, purchase the dupe online. 

The influence of influencers is hard to ignore. Sure, some are getting paid to flaunt their Amazon dupe finds, but at least we get a closer look and a real-life review before making our purchase. I, for one, was influenced to buy a collection of Skims dupes that I wear all the time. They are a fraction of the price, and you would never know that I got it from an influencer’s Amazon Storefront.


For TikTok enthusiasts, the TikTok shop dupes are a game-changer. From a $10 basic Lululemon cropped jacket dupe to Ugg slippers that may not be the pinnacle of quality but look identical, these gems are worth the grab. Vintage-looking sweatshirts for a fraction of the price? Absolutely. 

In a world where staying trendy collides with budgeting, Amazon dupes emerge as our style superheroes. With these budget-friendly alternatives, we can embrace the latest fashion trends, live our college lives to the fullest and still keep our hard-earned money intact. So here's to looking fabulous without the financial fallout – cheers to the era of Amazon dupes!

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