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Empowering Us One Pair of Thigh-Highs at a Time

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

By: Jamie Santarella

Jonathan Van Ness may just be the definition of empowering. Best-known as the hair and skincare guru on Netflix’s Queer Eye, Jonathan helps the struggling men featured on the show embrace their feminine side and regain confidence through a little self-care and pampering. Most importantly, he and the rest of the “Fab  5” guide the men in finding the part of them that they have lost, all while staying true to their amazingly, fabulous selves.

JONATHAN VAN NESS / @jvn on Instagram

Besides Queer Eye, Jonathan empowers others through his social media platforms where he posts inspirational, funny, and kind messages, and through his podcast Getting Curious, in which he discusses anything and everything with many accomplished guests. However, the most impactful way Jonathan reaches others may be through his long hair, mesh shirts, and thigh-high boots. His choice of style is like an anthem for blurring gender lines and unapologetically being yourself.

Since Jonathan’s flamboyancy and femininity may seem unconventional and unacceptable to some, his consistent, overflowing confidence and comfortability with who he is can be seen as inspiring to many LGBTQ youths struggling to find themselves, or anyone for that matter. Jonathan’s boundary-pushing fierceness assists in acceptance and belonging for anyone labeled “different,” and that’s empowering.

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