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Hidden Trader Joe'S Gems

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

Shannon Kelly

One of my favorite Sunday past times is going to the grocery store and stocking up on food for the week. But just like a lot of other people in Oxford, Sunday is grocery day. The aisles of Kroger are so filled up with students that it’s almost impossible to just stand there and look at your options.

So if you’re feeling up to a mini road trip, grab some friends and head to Trader Joe’s, a short 45-minute drive away, for some unique groceries that will make your week better.

Some of my favorite things to pick up include…..


Everything but the Bagel Dip!!!

If you have heard of Everything But the Bagel Seasoning, then you would die for this. It’s perfect on a slice of toast with some eggs in the morning.

Also, their frozen section is to die for. They even have Mac & Cheese bites that are comparable to Skippers.

Another one of my fridge staples from Trader Joe's is their Chicken Salad, already made and delicious on top of some greens or a sandwich.


They have a whole section dedicated to dips, so if you want to host the next Bachelor viewing party, Trader Joe's is the place to go. The Buffalo chicken style dip, Corn & Chile Salsa, & Kale, Cashew & Basil Pesto are my go to's!!

Hopefully, this makes a trip to the grocery store more fun. Not to mention, Trader Joe's is extremely affordable for college students!

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