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How to Achieve the Perfect Blowout

By Shea Smith

Photography by AnnaGrace Harris, Styled by SJ Weidner

The 90s is an era that has stood the test of time and gifted us with iconic and timeless fashion, makeup and hairstyles. Among these, the blowout hairstyle, achieved using a hair dryer with a nozzle attached and a round brush, truly made its mark and continues to be a classic, sought-after look today. 

Before you get to blow drying, you will need a fresh start. Get your hair under some water and get it nice and clean. Use your favorite shampoo and conditioner, and give your scalp and ends a nice scrub. Once your hair is clean, brush it with a Wet Brush and part your hair as desired. The next step is one of the most critical: priming your hair with the right products! To achieve a bouncy blow-out look that lasts for days, using products to get a salon-worthy style is a mandatory step.  

While your hair is still wet, add a leave-in conditioner to nourish your hair. I love Olaplex's No.6 Bond Smoother or Ouai's Leave-In Conditioner. Next, add a mousse; I recommend Kenra's Volume Mousse. The mousse will help your hairstyle last for days on end. Do not apply the mousse to your scalp, only the ends. Lastly, do not forget to add a heat protectant to protect your locks from high temperatures.

Once your hair is all primed and prepped, let it air dry until it is at least 80% to 90% dry. The ends of your hair should be the only thing still semi-wet when you start the blow-drying process with the nozzle attached. 

When your hair is 80% to 90% dry, it is go time! First, take your blow dryer without the nozzle connected and flip your head over. Then, dry your hair upside-down on a medium setting for 20 to 30 seconds. Doing this will help add volume to your hair.

Next, flip your head back up to face yourself in the mirror. Section your hair into three or four sections, depending on how much hair you have. In one hand, hold your blow dryer with the attachment, and in the other hand, hold your round brush. Start with the back section of your hair because it is trickier and work your way forward. Grab an inch and a half strand of hair and place your round brush under the strand with the brush closest to your head. Then, turn on the blow dryer and pull the brush down. You must pull the brush repeatedly to set your hair and achieve the “rounded-end” look

There is a lot of wrist movement and a tricky technique to nail on your first try. Be patient and practice this movement a few times without the blow dryer on. Watch a few videos on how to get this movement down. 

The final step is an optional one: adding rollers to your hair. This helps give you a more fluffy and dramatic blowout. If you decide rollers are for you, use clips to pin them in and leave them in for a minimum of 30 minutes. When taking them out, twist them with your finger to give your locks a nice curl. Lastly, finish with hairspray and viola! Effortless 90s hair is at your disposal.

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