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How to Wear Green: 6 Statement Outfits for St. Patrick's Day

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

By Ava Shaffer

Legend has it that if you don’t wear green on St. Patrick’s Day, a leprechaun will pinch you. Green can be a tricky color to style (why do so many green outfits remind us of the Grinch?), so we decided to brainstorm six outfit ideas to inspire you in preparation for March 17th!

Dressing Down a Button Up

A linen button-up can be a comfortable and unique statement piece for a green outfit. Pair it with your favorite hair clip, chunky gold jewelry, and some tall white boots to achieve this low-effort yet high-fashion look.

The Little Green Dress

For a more girly and flirty look, consider a loose-fitting sundress for this lucky holiday. This flowing silhouette gives you the opportunity to experiment with fun patterns and accessories. Since this look is so evocative of nice weather, pairing a bucket hat or tote bag with this outfit will add to the bright and youthful aesthetic.

Spring-Time Halter Tops

Speaking of warmer weather, the classic halter top may be the way to go this St. Patrick’s Day. Your favorite pair of denim jean shorts can easily pair with any halter top. With a high neckline and keyhole cutout, halter tops also look great when wearing your hair up or in a bandana.

Rocking Patterned Pants

The “little shirt, big pants” fashion equation is the perfect combination when using the color green. A simple white crop top paired with statement patterned pants balances out the outfit perfectly. Throw in some chunky white shoes and you’re ready for a look that can easily transition from daytime to nighttime.

The Perfect Matching Set

@cabernetqween on Pinterest

The statement matching set has become increasingly popular this year, so why not kick it up a notch with the color green? The key to a green matching set is to make sure the top and bottom colors match perfectly, with a simple neutral color to separate the two. This outfit can also look great with simple camp-counselor-esque handmade jewelry, or some eye-catching rings!

Bold Color Blocking

Popularized this past summer by Black fashion designer Stephen Burrows, color blocking has been on our fashion radar recently. Mixing bold contradictory colors such as green and orange creates a colorful and striking style that gives you the freedom to add statement sandals and quirky makeup to the outfit.

Embrace the festive spirit this St. Patrick’s Day with these green outfits! Leave a comment below describing your favorite green outfit you’ve worn on March 17th, and let’s all get inspired by each other's style. Have a lucky holiday!

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