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Is "The Bachelor" Back?

By Campbell Masys

"The Bachelor" has been airing on television for 20 years and 25 seasons. The show and its spin-offs have been wildly successful and sometimes not. To create captivating seasons of the same show year after year is tough, however with a new leading man, fans are once again tuning into Monday nights. 

Tennis-pro and heartthrob, Joey Graziadei, had his proposal rejected by Charity Lawson on her season of "The Bachelorette." Now, Graziadei is once again looking for love on the 28th season of "The Bachelor." 

What is it about this season that has us all watching the romantic reality series once again? Is it really because of his extremely good looks? Or the fact that fans think he is “written by a woman,” a fun media term used to describe the ideal man in the eyes of a woman. 

The past few seasons of "The Bachelor" have been rocky, to say the least, with the show's viewership significantly dropping. All they needed was a Bachelor that fans could be excited about. Pair that with a group of women that we love to love and love to hate, and you make excellent reality television.

Graziadei’s group of women wasted no time gearing up the drama for this season, immediately drawing in Bachelor Nation. In a two-night special two weeks ago, Graziadei took contestants Maria and Sydney on a two-on-one date in Malta, in attempts to defuse the growing tension between the pair. Fans tuned in to watch in support of Maria and see which woman would be sent home. 

Graziadei’s cast of women has already gained much support by viewers this season. One contestant in particular has caused Bachelor Nation to fall in love yet again: Daisy Kent, the season’s fan favorite. Kent’s touching backstory of her health and how she lost her hearing has taken America by storm. 

Clear your schedules for Monday nights and watch Graziadei and his diverting group of women on their journey to find love. 

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