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Let's Have a Picnic!

By Kaitlin McDowell

As the weather gets warmer and the flowers bloom, it is the perfect time to go outside before the air becomes brutally humid. Spring comes with an array of different activities, one of the most simple being picnics.

While picnics seem to require minimal work, with proper planning, it can be picture perfect for your next Instagram post or date night. 

The perfect picnic is composed of a few elements, the first being the blanket. The blanket is the base for all of the pictures your guests will take of their food spread. It is also what you and your friends sit on, so make sure to consider comfort in addition to cuteness. A floral quilt or a simple color blanket are both great options. 

The next thing to consider, and arguably the most important, is the food. There are many routes for picnic meals. Some choose to go with the charcuterie approach and a wide spread of appetizers, such as meats and cheeses, fruit, nuts and desert. This can be a good idea if you have a large group of friends because each person can bring a meal. 

An alternative to this is takeout. On your way to your picnic destination, stop and pick up food from your favorite restaurant. Beware that this choice can result in a less aesthetic picnic spread but equally as delicious. 

No picnic meal is complete with drinks. Olipop or Poppi sodas are a great way to add a pop of color to a picnic spread and gut health as well. Sparkling cider or juices are also a fun way to spice up a picnic. If you are feeling fancy, bring different shaped glasses to pour your drinks into and toast to your picnic and friendships.

The last detail for the perfect picnic is flowers. Although flowers do not have any function in the picnic other than beauty, it can really spice up a picnic spread. Trader Joe’s or other local grocery stores typically offer great floral arrangements that can be mixed into a bouquet.

While these pieces make up the perfect picnic, before you dive into the spread and embrace the season of spring, do not forget to document your masterpiece!

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