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Mission: Black Friday Shopping

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

By Maya Serrano


As the time to give thanks approaches, the time to give gifts quickly follows. And it is separated by the widely known date as Black Friday. Black Friday is the perfect time to buy all of your Christmas needs at the cheapest price. Although, it is never fun to rush around the mall, deal with “Karens” or get there too late and all your top picks are gone at an almost instantaneous speed. To avoid all that trouble, here are some strategic tips that can help you succeed on your Black Friday shopping spree.

- Start Shopping Early

In order to make your shopping list, you’re going to have to start a bit early. Make sure not to fill up on turkey so you don’t get the byproduct of sleepiness and miss the planning of your attack! Filling up your online bags before the discounts start or heading to the mall a couple of days early to scope out what the stores have is a great way to get a feel of what you’re looking for.

- Make A List

It would never be a smart idea to head into the lion's den without a plan. Black Friday is not the kind of day you can browse around and try stuff on. Shopping trips are usually more successful when you know exactly what you want, where its at and how to get there so you can waste minimal time in store or online

- Don’t Forget about Cyber Monday

Now even though you had your heart set on what you needed, it is important that you don’t dwell on it in store because there is always Cyber Monday! If you remain searching for the items on your list that are clearly gone, you run the risk of not getting multiple other things on that list. So, even though it is hard to let go, Cyber Monday is when stores restock and you can get the same deals online without the hassle (just the delivery fee.)

- Price Match

In this economy, there are many substitutes for products. It’s actually guaranteed as it is a part of what prevents monopolies charging astronomical prices to consumers.Take advantage of it! If there is an alternative product for cheaper, don’t wait around for the more expensive one and run the risk of losing money and other things on your list. Another aspect of price matching is that multiple merchandising firms, places like Target, Walmart, Kroger, all hold the same things because they buy their products from other suppliers. So unless there is one item that is specific to Target, it won't hurt to look at Walmart or other firms of similar sorts because they might have it there and it may be cheaper!

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