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Out With the Old, In With the New: Instagram “Photo Dump” Accounts are the New VSCO

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

By Halle Grant

Photography by Tia Benson, Styled by Lily Landenwich

We’re all familiar with the app VSCO, the platform to edit to the best of your abilities and post those not-so-Instagram-worthy photos. I know my VSCO used to be full of “artsy” pictures of sunrises and LUSH bath-bombs during my early high school years. It then grew to be the platform for posting photos that didn't make the cut for the main Instagram page.

Following the trend of “photo dumps” that people post on their main Instagrams, many are now creating “photo dump” accounts, dedicated to those cute pictures laying around in your camera roll that you wouldn't necessarily want to showcase on your real Instagram account. Similar to the private story concept on Snapchat, only a select group of people follows these dump accounts; usually close friends that are actually interested in the behind the scenes of your life.

Photography by Tia Benson, Styled by Lily Landenwich

These accounts could be viewed as more authentic snapshots of our day to day lives, containing a combination of fit checks, food, friends and candid moments. I know for me, it’s the place I'll post pictures that I've captured of little candid moments of happiness. This could be a picture of my avocado toast from Fridge and Pantry, to a pretty picture of the sky that I took while out on a walk. I’ll even throw some BeReal posts in there, as they tend to really capture daily moments well given their authentic purpose.

Since the boom of these photo dump accounts, I have noticed the decreased use of VSCO. Not only is it dated, but anyone can view your profile, as there’s no way to track who follows you or views your page. Other than being used to edit photos that will most likely be posted on Instagram, VSCO’s era is coming to an end. It's safe to say, VSCO is out and IG photo dumps are in.

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