Oxford Spotlight: Fall Fashion at The Apple Tree

Updated: Oct 17

By Ava Shaffer

You’ve probably passed The Apple Tree on your way uptown to the farmer’s market or Chipotle countless times. Maybe you’ve wandered around inside, admiring the rustic feel and friendly employees. Perhaps you’ve even picked up a couple of knick-knacks and trendy clothes from this local Oxford boutique. Established in 1979, The Apple Tree has been a staple for Miami students’ cozy wardrobes and dorm decor for a long time. This fall, The Apple Tree has pulled out all the stops to satisfy your autumnal wardrobe dreams.

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Amy, a sales representative at Apple Tree for over two and a half years, to chat all things fall. She describes The Apple Tree’s style as “a bohemian feel with a trendy, rustic and cozy atmosphere. Our goal is to appeal to the college girl, and her mom.” Based on walking around the store, you may notice that The Apple Tree has a wide variety of styles that will satisfy all types of shoppers, especially the Miami student and her fashionista mom.

Read down below for five of The Apple Tree’s most popular items this fall season.

Cropped Sweaters

The leaves are getting redder and the winds are getting chillier. Yep, that’s right, it’s about that time of year where long sleeves are making their reappearance. These cropped sweaters come in a variety of warm autumnal tones and are the perfect piece for your transitioning-to-fall wardrobe.

Color Block Sweater

Looking for a little pop to the typical sweater? Color block designs add an element of funkiness and uniqueness to any look. Paired with a cute skirt, high-waisted jeans, or even leggings, these sweaters are sure to keep you warm and stylish at the same time.

Bueno Boots

We’re all looking for that perfect pair of stomping-on-fallen-leaves-to-hear-the-satisfying- crunch boots, aren’t we? Well these Bueno Boots, coming in white and olive green, may just be the match for you. Made with eye-catching snap stud detailing and combat boot structure, the Bueno Boots are a fall fashion must-have.

Mom and Dad High Waisted Jeans

Originally from the 1970s, high-waisted jeans made their reappearance in the late 2010s and they don’t look like they’re going out of style anytime soon. Whether you prefer distressed jeans, embroidered details, or boot-cut style- The Apple Tree has the right pair of high-waisted jeans for you.

Paper Clip Chains

These simple paper clip chain necklaces have been all the rage lately. They pair easily with anything in your wardrobe, from t-shirts to bulky sweatshirts. Simplistic and stylish, these necklaces can be worn layered with other jewelry or stand out on their own. Coming in silver and gold, you can choose whichever metal suits your personal style.

The next time you’re uptown and dying to build up your fall wardrobe, don’t hesitate to pop into The Apple Tree! They also have many Halloween items on display for all things spooky. Whether you’re looking to decorate your dorm, or just want to experience some relaxing fall vibes, one step in this local boutique will give you all the autumn feels.

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