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Text Me When You Get Home: The Story of Lonely Ghost

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

By Emily Bame

The streetwear brand Lonely Ghost has been on the rise ever since its launch back in 2019. You have probably seen the imfamous sweatshirts with phrases like “Text Me When You Get Home” sprawled across the back, but where did these clothes and phrases originate?

GRACE JONES / @Grace Jones on Pinterest

Lonely Ghost founder Indy Blue first got her start in the realm of social media influencing by posting travel content. While on a train to Italy, Blue tells a story of how she was scrolling through Pinterest and came across an image of a ghost with the word “lonely” scribbled underneath it. Thinking the vibe of the ghost was cool, Blue began drawing some clothes in her sketchbook with the name “lonely ghost” on them. Blue says,“I couldn’t get the idea out of my head,” and after a few months of planning, Lonely Ghost was officially born.

Lonely Ghost offers a variety of clothing and accessories, and recently expanded to include a home decor section. You can browse multiple collections full of sweatshirts, t-shirts, sweatpants, beanies and even swimwear. The classic and arguably most popular Lonely Ghost collections include their “Text Me When You Get Home'' and “I Love You Say It Back” lines. Their Instagram, @lonelyghost, showcases not only their items being modeled, but also uplifting graphics that match their trendy aesthetic while promoting their purpose to bring people together.

HAILLE / Hailee on Pinterest

Blue’s mission behind Lonely Ghost is to serve as an inclusive community, embracing the shared human experience of loneliness. The stylish and positive phrases on the clothing stem deeper than just a design or saying. Their website states, “We are constantly thinking of ways to reclaim lonely- to reclaim the emotion and experience of loneliness to remove the negativity away from, ultimately, an experience that led us to find each other.”

Aside from their stylish streetwear available online, Lonely Ghost expanded to open their first store front, Ghost Grocery, in Provo, Utah. Ghost Grocery is anything but average. Blue and her team transformed a regular store into a picturesque retail location that takes on the vibe of an actual grocery store, but sells Lonely Ghost clothing. Instead of regular clothing racks, freezers display the clothes. Shelves are stocked with Lonely Ghost themed cereal boxes and cleaners, but stuffed with t-shirts inside. There is even a secret back room for photo ops.

Looking to the future, it is easy to say that Indy Blue will be full of more creative ideas, so definitely be on the lookout for the next Lonely Ghost collection.

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