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The Never-Ending Era of Pinterest

By Sophie Taylor

Want a new hair look? Outfit ideas? Nail designs? A dream wedding board? Pinterest allows you to do this – and has for over a decade.

Pinterest is one of the few apps I can remember having for most of my life. From summer-themed nail boards to dessert recipes to outfit inspiration, I have used Pinterest since my room was pink and purple polka dots.

Founded in 2009, Pinterest is the fifteenth most used social media platform, according to Chloe West, a freelance writer for SproutSocial. It also has the highest score on the American Customer Satisfaction Index. Of course, how could someone be anything but happy when building their dream vision boards?

West said 80% of all Pinterest users say the app makes them feel positive; most call it a social media oasis. While being able to spot trends, get ideas for new projects and establish your own brand, Pinterest is also just relaxing.

Creating boards can almost be a create-your-own adventure, choosing things that help you express yourself, that you relate to or things that you want in the future. It is accessible and easy to use, saving pins in an organized manner to look back on in the future.

Pinterest has perfected its style, and I believe it will continue to be one of the most used apps – continuing their era.

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