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UP Fashion meets Miami Television News

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

By Caché Roberts


Who would've known I could collab with two organizations I am passionate about?

Miami Television News is the only student-run broadcasting organization on campus and frankly, not enough people know about it. As co-president of the organization, I have been implementing new content to be produced during show nights and I decided that I wanted UP to play a part in this brilliant idea.

I had the chance to interview UP Event Directors, Alexander Jimenez and Cora Harter on the insight of what to expect at this semester's UP release fall party.

The theme of the fall issue, In Living Color, did nothing but impress the many folks that came to the release party. When I asked about the hardest thing producing such a grand party at Brick Street, Harter responded with finding centerpieces. She explained her difficulty with not wanting the party to look like a wedding or a birthday party.

Another one of my questions was what does the future of UP look like? Jimenez explained how he hopes the magazine will be more diverse and to aim towards a more editorial look.

The magazine has been diversifying faces and the future of UP looks very bright.


Make sure you check out the interview on Miami Television News Youtube page!

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