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What Is Strawberry Makeup?

By Abbie Prues

Makeup trends named after foods seem to be taking over. The strawberry makeup trend is just one of them– tomato, blueberry pie or chocolate are just to name a few. Why has strawberry makeup taken over? The answer is Hailey Bieber and how everything she touches turns into a trend. She is known for creating viral beauty, skincare and nail trends. People grasp onto her looks because of her simplicity and effortless style. The strawberry makeup look definitely encompasses that. It takes the “your skin but better” idea, and is absolutely perfect to use as a summer to fall transition look.

RUSHH / @RUSHH on Pinterest

Strawberry makeup is very minimal. When it comes to this look, less is more. It is meant to highlight natural features on your face instead of trying to cover them up. Accentuating freckles, blemishes and other natural features of the face is important. It only takes a few products to achieve this look. Not only is it super trendy, but also very affordable. Strawberry makeup does not require much skill either, which is probably why so many people are latching onto the trend.

This look only requires a few products: tinted moisturizer, liquid and powder blush, clear eyebrow gel, tinted lip gloss and a tiny bit of mascara. Faux Freckles are also completely optional to add as well. The tinted moisturizer should be sheer and very low coverage. You should be able to see your skin underneath. A berry red blush or tinted stain like the Benetint Liquid Lip and Cheek Stain works perfectly to achieve that sunkissed look. Applied to both the cheeks

and the lip, it produces a very subtle hint of red, giving it the strawberry name. The key to this look includes fluffy eyebrows, a small amount of mascara and lots and lots of freckles. If you don’t naturally have freckles, the Freck Beauty Original Freckle Freck will give you the illusion of naturally having them. Like the seeds of a strawberry, freckles make the makeup look effortless, natural and simply sunkissed. It is no wonder this trend has become so popular– it is the simple secret to achieving an easy, cute makeup look.

JACKIE VARGAS /@JackieVargas on Pinterest

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