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Wild for the "Wild West" Aesthetic

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

By Elle Wentworth

MEGAN ROSE / @MeganRose on Pinterest

The "Out West Aesthetic," also known as the "Wild West Aesthetic," is becoming highly popular and acclaimed by many. This popular genre is heavily influenced by the lives of early settlers of the American frontier. This aesthetic entails themes of self-reliance, solitude and wilderness. It is a care-free type of living that reflects older times and simple pleasures.

Whether it’s riding horseback or simply settling down

in front of the fire (with a glass of bourbon) in your cabin, the western lifestyle is one of

relaxation. The highly attributed TV show “Yellowstone” is a portrayal of this Western lifestyle in a wild & engaging way.

Don't get the Western aesthetic confused with country; they have a different focus. While the country aesthetic romanticizes the life of family, farming and living in the countryside, the Western aesthetic focuses more heavily on wilderness, independence and a sense of life on a prairie.

As an avid alpine skier who loves going out West, my TikTok for you page and Pinterest board are full of the "Wild West" aesthetic – cowboy boots, hats, all things denim, horse and cattle and everything western. My feed is flooded with mini vlog clips of the most beautiful trips to the West, commonly in Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, and Colorado. From social media influencers, to family trips, to honeymoons, this "Wild West" way of life is fascinating to many.These posts have me wishing I could throw on my cowgirl boots and jump on a plane headed West.

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